Healthier employees.
Healthier bottom line.
And that’s the bottom line.

Companies that align with Health Choice Preferred gain access to a physician-led and professionally managed network of reputable healthcare providers whose primary goal is aims to deliver exceptional value and service to employers and their employees.

The Health Choice Preferred accountable care organization uses case and disease management services, cutting-edge integrated technology, and best care and quality improvement processes to effectively control healthcare costs while improving the health and quality of life of employees.

Benefits for Employers

Employers partnered with the Health Choice Preferred gain access to our robust suite of Value-Based Care Solutions.

  • Health Choice Preferred utilizes sophisticated technology and services that assist with population assessment and management, including identification of high-risk patients and patient groups, population trends, and preventative measure priorities—thus lowering costs and improving outcomes for employers and their employees.
  • Health Choice Preferred has robust case management programs to handle patient care across the full continuum of care, from admit to discharge—including referral programs, integrated care coordination, and case/disease management programs.
Advantages of the ACO Model

Health Choice Preferred enables physicians to align with other high quality specialists, hospitals and ancillary partners. This model rounds out members’ care teams, improves data information sharing between providers, and minimizes friction in the referral process. This arrangement also helps establish quality of care expectations across providers and improves the ability to monitor and control medical costs.