You now have a healthcare team.
And you’re the captain.

Your Wellbeing is Our Priority

Providers in the Health Choice Preferred network take a proactive approach to your health. A primary care physician in the Health Choice Preferred network will focus on preventative measures, and on minimizing your susceptibility to illness.

Health Choice Preferred providers will be engaged in helping you achieve your highest level of wellness, and will ensure that you are receiving continual care and education for your chronic diseases. Network providers will also work to create smooth transitions between hospital stays or doctor’s visits and your everyday life.

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Benefits of Seeing a Health Choice Preferred Healthcare Provider

When you use providers in the Health Choice Preferred network, you gain access to a healthcare community dedicated to and focused on the quality of your care. A Health Choice Preferred primary care physician will work collaboratively with other healthcare providers in the Health Choice Preferred network—including physician specialists, nurse practitioners, nurse case managers and other health professionals—to become your healthcare “team.” You will also gain the security of knowing that when your healthcare needs become more complex, you will have access to a team of specialists who are leaders in their field.

Health Choice Preferred advantages for individuals and families include:

  • Ongoing and trusted relationships with healthcare providers
  • Health and lifestyle coaching
  • Assistance with managing chronic diseases
  • Medication and safety checks
  • Access to educational programs and materials
  • Community and social resources to improve quality of life
  • Assistance with appointments and transportation
  • Assistance with interpreting complex billing and claims information
  • Hospital discharge follow-ups and home visits, as recommended
An accountable care organization (ACO) is a group of healthcare providers—including primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals and ancillary healthcare professionals—that work together to offer high-quality patient care, improve the health of the communities they serve, and reduce healthcare costs. The ACO accepts collective accountability for patient care and the quality and cost of healthcare services. ACO providers are rewarded with shared financial incentives only if they meet specified quality, efficiency and patient experience standards.